What is the message of Macbeth?

What message is Shakespeare trying to convey in Macbeth?

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Oh well, since nobody else seems to be so large-hearted as to answer in this forum, as I can see consulting my own thread, I will try to spare others my frustration and sanify this site's reputation just this once...

Ok. First, generally, I don't quite understand people who frantically try to see a didactical intent behind every piece of literature. Shakespeare has deliberately chosen the job of a playwright and not of grammar school teacher or priest, right?

So I don't think that he really did "try to convey" anything on purpose, thinking "oh I think I am going to write a play to teach people to be modest and humble" (that would fall in the miracle-play corner) or whatever.

But certainly, his conceptions are shining through the play, quite passively; for instance, if you ask me, a slight optimism as to humanity and political dynamics, for in the end, everything seems quite what it should be, the new king being an exemplary "gardener" etc.

And then, of course, he exposes the calamitious consequences of a murder, even if I think, once again (although I cannot tell for sure, as I have never murdered myself so far ;)), that he documents them quite matter-of-factly rather than presenting them in a way as to "morally educate" his public.

OK, I don't know if this reply was really helpful for you (I know that when teachers set their tasks, they want their schoolbook answers, and definitely not a challenge of their question..^^)

But I suppose it is at any rate more satisfying than not getting any at all... ;)

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YAY someone answered me. Thanks for your reply, thats what i though when i read Macbeth too, but our teacher wants a 'message' that is being conveyed. I don't think that it is actually conveying a message or a moral, and so I was just wondering what other people thought (you just proved my point there :) thanks) So thanks for the reply.

We have to do a speech on what we think the 'message' of Macbeth is, so if anyone does have an opinion on what they perceive the 'message' to be, PLZ tell me. Its not that i want someone to do the assignment for me, its just that i don't have an opinion on what the message is :P ... thanks

You could say, I guess, that the message is this : Having too much ambition can make you choose the wrong course of action.

But I agree that Shakespeare was writing to entertain, not to teach.

I agree with what this person has said..

it is bascially telling that ambitions can sometimes be a bad influence as well...

i think not to be greedy ..