What doubts does Macbeth reveal in his soliloquy and why?

In Act I, what doubts does Macbeth reveal? and why?

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Macbeth has a lot of doubts and fears going into his first soliloquy. L. Macbeth wears the pants in this relationship and her eagerness to stab Duncan about 50 times is making Macbeth nervous. Doubts swirl around his little Thane head. he wonders about the following in no particular order,

punishment in afterlife, God hates guys who kill Kings.

Duncan is a nice dude

Macbeth is his host and should not stab his guest a dozen times while he sleeps.

Macbeth is his relative (they were all kind of related back then, yuck!)

Angels will see this deed and wake everybody up

So there are a lot of doubts that keep Macbeth in high anxiety. Time for some Prozac!

Oh yes, why? Well Macbeth is just not cut out for this cold blooded murderer thing. Sure he is a good soldier and kicks a lot of Norwayen butt on the battle field but when it comes down to killing his friend, cousin and King, he is way too nervous!