what does king edward do for his sick people? what major theme of macbeth does this brief describtion support?

act IV scene iii

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According to Malcolm, KIng Edward has a "healing touch" that can counter Macbeth's evil. Malcolm claims he has seen King Edward heal the sick,

A most miraculous work in this good king, Which often since my here-remain in England I have seen him do. How he solicits heaven, Himself best knows, but strangely visited people, All swoll'n and ulcerous, pitiful to the eye, The mere despair of surgery, he cures...

There are two themes at play here. One reinforces that God and divinity are usually behind the throne of England and that the English will sort out the mess that other countries find themselves in. Another more important them juxtaposes a king, Macbeth, that harms his own people with a king, Edward, who heals his own people.