what conflict does Macbeth have after hearing the witches prophecies?

in act 1

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Well, Macbeth wants to be King. Perhaps not at the beginning, he's sort of confused. Glamis, okay that's what he is; but Cawdor and King? When Macbeth finally finds out he is the new Thane of Cawdor, because the other one is a trader and is hanging from some tree, his little brain starts to spin into over-drive. Macbeth likes the idea of being king but he certainly doesn't want to kill him. But, perhaps if he stabbed the heck out of him, he could help the prophesies along. So poor Macbeth flip flops back and forth until his wife calls him a wuss and he goes through with it. Macbeth's conflict of who he actually wants to be doesn't really end until he actually kills the king. Then, Macbeth looses himself completely and embarks on a giant paranoid induced killing spree.