What are some details from the text about Seyton? Consider any references, inferences, action that they may have observed or would reasonably know about.

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Seyton is a minor character who is Macbeth's armour boy. I always feel sorry for Seyton. He is sort of part butler and part armour gopher who must attend to Macbeth's paranoid rants. He also acts as a bewildered silent confidant as Macbeth spirals into madness, "Seyton!--I am sick at heart, / When I behold--Seyton, I say!" He is also told to "Scour the whole country and hang anyone spreading fear." So Seyton, most probably a boy, had to decide whether to listen to Macbeth babble insane requests or get the hell out of Inverness like most of the people in the castle.

THANK YOU. but what does seyton know that other characters dont. i.e. act 5 scene 3 when he give macbeth his armour if i was to write a monologue what could i speak about

He knows that a massive army is coming to kill Macbeth. He knows that most people in his castle are fleeing. He knows that L. Macbeth kills herself. He listens to Macbeth's bipolar rants about dying and being omnipotent at the same time.