Tragic Hero!!

can someone please explain to me again why Macbeth is a tragic hero?

I have my exam tomorrow and I can't remember what my teacher said.

help would be highly appreciated :)

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A tragic hero is a good man whose good quality is taken to excess. Macbeth fits this perfectly. He is a brave warrior and loyal to King Duncan. But he is also ambitious. He wants to be king. So he allows the witches' equivocation to convince him that he will be and can be king right away. His bravery and ambition are taken to excess: he murders to get what he wants, and he believes he is invincible. So, he goes down in the end.

1-he should be of noble birth which M sure is .

2- he should suffer of hamartia or tragic flaw , in his case ambition.

3-Peripeteia - a reversal of fortune brought about by the hero's tragic flaw. all the action goes up and down after his strong desire and ambition to the extent of killings.

4-the tragic hero own actions result in an increase of self- awareness .Macbeth realized that the witches have tricked him using paradox or hidden language.

5-the audience must feel pity and fear for this character.

6-he has responsibilaty for choosing to react for the prophecies where he could just ignore them as what Banque did .

I am a student of chittagong university.I need your notes,your help.

I am a student of university of chittagong.I need your help.

if we consider the definition of aristotle concerning a tragic hero (a man of high birth who posesses a flaw in his character).we emidiately see that it fits well with macbeth the character.from the very begining macbeth is portrayed as brave and noble man and wins the respect of the king duncan.(worthiest cousin.

brave macbeth.peerless kinsman).however after macbeth s meeting with the weird sisters who prophecied him thane of glamis thane of cowdor and king hereafter.and the cvonfirmation of the second prophecy by angus and ross,all that put him in confusion and wackened in him a sleeping ambition(glamis and cowdor the greatest is behind be continued....


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