The common and diferences of Macbeth and Banquo

I want to konow the common differnces of Macbeth and Banquo

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Both had leadership skills

""""" demonstrated bravery

""""" were courageous

""""" had achieved the title of General in the King's army


They each receive prophecies; Macbeth commits murder for his..... Banquo does nothing

Their biggest difference ends their friendship........ Macbeth has Banquo murdered; he has no loyalty; he is deceitful, and he is ruthless.



Macbeth started out as a good, almost heroic figure. Banquo was too. But soon Macbeth became a tyrannical villian. Macbeth showed no mercy for people as the play goes on. Banquo was killed in the beginning so I don't know if you can compare them throughout the whole story.

Banquo is a general in the King’s army (same as Macbeth) and is often seen in contrast to Macbeth. Banquo is the only one with Macbeth when he hears the first prophecy of the weird sisters; during the same prophecy, Banquo is told that his children will be kings, though he will not be. It is unlikely that Banquo has been messing around with unseen Mrs. Duncan, so his naturally born children must arrive at their kingship by some unnatural end.


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Throughout the play :

a) Macbeth is potrayed as a figure who is easily manipulated.

Banquo is a person who is firm in his descision making.

b) Macbeth easily accepted the witches prophecies ( can also be covered by saying he is easily manipulated).

Banquo questioned their phophecies and expressed his doubts when he says "What, can the devil speek true?" (Act 1, Scene 3 line 105).

c) Macbeth is willing to do cruel and evil this to those who trust him if they are a hindrance to the fulfilment of his ambition.

Banquo is loyal to those around him and is not willing to betray those who trust him for selfish reasons.


Macbeth ( and intelligent analysis )