please give line by line explanation of Macbeth's soliloque

Macbeth's soliloque act 1,scene 7

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In lines 1-7, Macbeth notes that if killing Duncan held no consequences, he'd gladly risk it.

Lines 8-12 address vengeance, noting the killer will be killed.Macbeth lists 7

In lines 13 and 14, Macbeth speaks of kinship. He understands that it is wrong to kill your relatives and an act of disloyalty to kill your king.

Lines 13-16 have to do with hospitality, killing guests in your own home, and in lines 14-16, we see that Macbeth concedes that it is wrong to kill a good and virtuous king.

Lines 25-28 speaks to the murder of the innocent. The soliloquy ends with Macbeth admitting his motivation to kill Duncan is based purely upon his own ambition.