Need help finding closing questions to ask about macbeth!

I need to find some more closing questions for my assignment. These questions need to apply the ideas from the text and dialogue to their lives and the real world.

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Closing questions in regard to the themes of the play? The characters? What kind of questions are you looking for?

it sais that closing questions are designed so that participants personally evaluate the ideas and values. I need about 5 of these questions

What makes a good King, and how does Duncan fit this role?

Can Macbeth be seen as a villain? Lady Macbeth?

How does ambition effect the action of the play, and are Macbeth's actions a direct result of his own personal ambition?

Define justice and cite whether or not justice prevails.

Lady Macbeth challenges Macbeth's manhood and courage; what makes a man and what actions or traits define courage?

These are good, thanks!

could you possibly give answers for the third and fourth question?