Macbeth says, "stars, hide your fire, lit not light see my black and deep desires." What are macbeth's desires?

what did he mean?

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Macbeth wants to stab the heck out of King Duncan but he doesn't want anybody to find out what he feels inside.

Just to elaborate. There is a lot of personification and apostrophe here. Macbeth is asking the stars not to burn so bright as to let people see his evil desires. This of course being stabbing the King.

Macbeth desires to be King, and he knows that the only way he'll be King is to rid himself of Malcolm.


Macbeth/ Act I/ Scene 4

@jill d #170087 wrong....sorry but Macbeth doesn't kill Malcolm. He kills Duncan to become king. We are currently reading this in English IV. Macbeth kills Duncan, and has his friend Baquo killed and then slaughters Macduff's family. Then in turn, Macduff kills him in the end.


Act I, Scene 2,3,4,5