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hi everyone im a gr11 student and i really need your help... i am doing an essay on how the three witches told macbeth his fate. Did the events in macbeths life occur because of the witches prophecies or becasue of the choices he has made? i believe that becasue of the witches prophecies macbeth chose to continue with what he thought needed to be done... the thing is im having trouble finding quotes showing this if anyone has any advice they would like to share it would be really appreciated!!! :)

please email me or reply to this post and i only have four days to write it starting tomorrow i would love the help!!

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Hi -

There are a lot of quotes you can use.

thanks i am also looking for a quote about how macbeth willingly murdered innocent people that were not part of the prophecy

Well, Lady Macbeth was almost as important as the witches in terms of making Macbeth do murderous things.