Macbeth Act 1 Scene 7 Modern Soliloquy


Hi folks, i registered on here as i am having quite some difficulty with my Year 12 English assignment on Macbeth and need some proofreading..

I am to take on the role of a character in the play Macbeth who presents a soliloquy or speech. I then have to select a soliloquy or speech and rewrite and present this script to reveal its resonance and relevance with the modern audience.

I should have an updated setting and modernise all dialogue and make it relevant. Any setup with a hierarcy will do. I can also write a soliloquy for a character who hasn't got one in the play if i wish..


The heirarchy i have decided on is a Street Gang where Duncan is the highest ranked and respected withing the group (Head of Gang) and Macbeth is the second highest (General) and has been with them for quite some time.

The scene i have chosen to rewrite is Act 1 Scene 7 where Macbeth is pondering whether to kill Duncan or not.

Title: To Shoot or not to Shoot

If only the action is all that is required to kill him and end’s all that I must go through. If I committed the deed and then afterwards, what’s done is done, if no one ever found out, everything went as planned and all was a success, then no doubt I’d have killed him by now, swiftly without hesitation…

Killing Duncan would most likely very well make everything point to me Macbeth, to become the Head of our Gang. It’d have to be me; as I’m probably the second most trusted and respected within the group. I’d be in charge as I’ve spent my time here and proved my loyalty to all, worked up into the ranks from back when I was a Foot Soldier to my time now as a General. The countless deed’s it has taken to get here would all just seem worth it at last. The death, drugs and the criminal record held against me wouldn’t seem to matter. I’d have all the power, authority and respect I’d ever want and need, these would be my men and heavily protected, there’d be no potential to dispute me ever again.

But what if it came back to haunt me? What if my brother’s and friends found out?… then who would be on the firing line and suffer immense consequences both in this life and “in the life to come”? And there is nothing that could prepare a man for that. I’d have to flee somewhere else and hope never to be found. What about appearance, it’d be a must to conceal my identity with utterly different looks. Where would I go? Surely this isn’t worth it? I’d be living in fear day-after-day and there’d be nothing worth living for. There would be the guilt that would bear a permanent place within my soul and I’d have no job, no money and I’d just spend the hours of my life on the run – back where I started. But no, these men are smart – they’d find and kill me, like I’ve seen them hunt down other criminals and ganglords. They would be uncontrollable on their desperate hunt and they’d be all over me not forgetting the cops.

Yeah the more I think about it, the more it seems ridiculous. The consequences and aftermath of murdering my boss don’t seem to stack up to my ambitions.

Besides, this is Duncan; he’s like a brother to me. He offered me protection, a place where I can call home, and took me under his wing when as a young kid I had nothing. All I was; was an easy target for crims and I’d get jumped walking to and from school. Duncan taught me his ways, ways to make money and earn a living the hard way. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I didn’t join these men as I was on the downslide – leaving home there was nowhere else to go. He’s never done anything wrong by me; he’s always been a generous man within our crew, stern but a man of his word and he has always protected every member in the gang including myself, and as his cousin, I’m trusted by him, I should be protecting the man, shutting the door to any potential murderers, not trying to kill him myself.

Does Duncan really deserve to die after everything’s he’s done for me?

That goes for just under 3 minutes.. I need to carry it on a bit more as it has to go for 4-6mins :/

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Your script ideas are very close to the text. I would suggest that your time may be extended rather by use of action and gesture rather than further words. Consider your second paragraph: Macbeth is contemplating his position within the 'gang' and the actions he has perpetrated to become respected within t hgroup. You could have props to allude to these deeds (weapons, photographs,news headlines,etc) or you could detail them as we hear about Macbeth's great deeds as a warrior earlier in the play itself.

The purpose of a soliloquy is to show us the contemplations of a character. Consider how your actor may move, and the gestures he would use to convey his tense emotional state. I would suggest that your lines would be delivered in fits and starts, with bursts of frustration, which would lengthen your performance.