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hello i am reading macbeth in school too. here is my email address and i will try to help you and your son out. feel free to email me.


im currently studying Macbeth in school too. I can give u an insight on what the quote means.

" fair is foul and foul is fair," basically this quote connote a reversal of what is seen as good and what is seen as bad.The words contrast each other and introduces the idea of reality versus illusion ( meaning everything is not what they seem). Also throughout the drama good and evil are often confused. Also this quote is connected to the theme of disorder thoughout the drama. When Duncan is murdered everything in Scotland is turned upside down, unnatural things starts to occur. At this point in time the natural order of things in Scotland is reversed. Also ur son can look at some of the examples given in the book showing the reversal of order e.g the owl ate the hawk etc

ive read it done it passsed with a b!XXXXX =]

i have good supplements

hey guy sorry to be random but i am new to ths and i want to know if youz can help on on mecbeth and gve me a bare bones account (a summary) on macbeth the charecter please

Read the summaries and analyses on this site.

That line was said by the 3 witches and is very well known as a "paradox".

Not only is it a paradox, but also a brilliant example of alliterative chiasmus...

I need a suppliment of the notes as well???