Lady Macbeth vs Macbeth

Who is more responsible for Duncans murder. Lady Macbeth or Macbeth? and why?

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lady macbeth was great

lady macbeth! she provoked her husband to do it it was her that first thought of murder realisticly ie when macbeth thought of it he tries to hide it and not think about it "let not light see my deep and dark desires" and lady macbeth questioned his manhood and bullied him into doing it...!! i think macbeth lost it afterwards but defo lady macbeth is responsible for duncans death

Ok but why did she eventually go crazy and turn herself into an evil spirit?


Great, nah far from it she is manipulative and calculating with a double spice of Evil!

idk my bff jell

This is an interesting question. I would argue that Macbeth is certainly more to blame for the murder, but the paradoxical idea that Lady Macbeth has the upper-hand in the relationship would lead us to believe that Lady Macbeth is in fact more responsible for the regicide. However, if you look to the end result, Macbeth emerges as the ruthless killer, unscarred by the death of his wife, while she on the other hand becomes so full of grief that she takes her own life. This proves that Macbeth had always been murderous, showing no remorse, while Lady Macbeth simply hid her true emotions to bring rise to the theme of appearance vs reality. So I would definitely say Macbeth is more responsible.