How is Macbeth relevant to society?

If I have to talk about the upsurping of natural order as a result of Macbeth's ambition for the kingship e.g. the owl shrieks etc 

How would I link this to its relevance in modern society?

Like does it show the extensive effects of our actions on nature or something?

Thankyou :)

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Shakespeare’s play Macbeth could be said to be relevant in most any society throughout history. Humanity hasn't changed much, and sometimes it seems that no matter our advances.... people stay the same. Greed, jealousy, and unhappiness are prevalent parts of life. People still feel pressured and have an ever pressing desire for more. Look around you..... anxiety and emotional problems are everywhere.... as are feelings of shame, guilt, and inferiority. Leaders around the world partake in actions to achieve ultimate authority at any cost.... and there are always those who whether right or wrong are ready to challenge authority to put forth their own playforms.