1. what is macduff's reward for defeating the rebels

2. Who is the thane of cawdor, how is he punished

3. What name did macduff deserve, according to the sergeant

4. What service did the sergeant perform for duncans son malcolm

5. There are 100 references to blodd in macduff. Identify other references in scene 2, what effect do these references have on the atmosphere of the scene

6. What does duncan hope to learn from the sergeant

7. Why does duncan feel the sergeant might have this information

8. A central theme of the play is the reverseal of the moral order. How does the final couplet in the scene reflect/emphasuze this theme. Act 1 scene 1

9. With what mythological women might the three weird sisters be compared?

10. Pharaphrase Macbeths ASIDE speech which begina "two truths are told" and ends "chance may crown me without my stir"

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1. what is macduff's reward for defeating the rebels?

Macbeth is rewarded the greater title of "Thane of Cawdor" as reward. The old Thane of Cawdor was going to be executed for treason.

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