HElP Macbeth (page 53, Lines 35 to 39)

What is macbeth's state of mind and how does he prepare himself for the act of murdering the king?

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Nothing, shakespeare has tried to focus upon human being's exaggeration upon something and if it is likely to be happened, your mind will be mad with that ..

In the matter of Macbeth, the same thing occured as his mad mind led him towards his ambitious aspiration as he had all capabilities to become a king ..

Though there was something like generosity in his mind so it became the obstacles in the path towards killing the king but his wife is proved a better over ambitious then him, inspiring him to become a king only by murdering a king and once again chain continued ..

Dear, this was William Shakespeare and think only .. Why the matter focused by shakespeare are applicable still this time ? Because this genius had studied human mind so well ..