Hi I have a really important exam to do.

I would like to know in the play Macbeth, the extracts of the witches, what are the witches role of the monarchy/attitude to the monarch as Gods representation on earth, religion/heaven and hell- the witches beliefs in the life-after and sinning, the witches attitude to suicide. PLEASE HELP ASAP PLEASE ITS DUE REALLLLLLLY SOON. Thanks

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The witches are the personification of evil and refuse to be bound by the laws of men and He whom they worship. In this sense, they have no respect for the Divine Right of Kings which was the belief that the order of the monarchy was chosen by God. In misleading Macbeth to believe he can subvert this order, the wirches indicate a lack of respect for the concept. The witches encourage sinning as a sport, and do not concern them with the consequences of the deeds of those led by them. Lady Macbeth is tortured into suicide by the deeds which she asked the spirits to support her in. Despite being 'filld...with direst cruelty' as she asked, she is still left unconsciously with 'remorse'. The witches choose to let her take her own path of destruction. They act only as catalysts upon their victims.