Does Macbeth or the audience recognize his potential for greatness at any point in the play?

So I'm looking at the 12 step tragic hero pattern, and step 10 revolves around the idea that the audience must realize Macbeth's potential for greatness before his death. Does this happen in the play at any point, and if so, could someone please show a quote(s) to support it?

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In my opinion, the audience is aware of Macbeth's potential from the start. As the play progresses, audience members cannot help but wish Macbeth would rethink his actions, stand up to his wife, and realize that in killing the king.... he makes a lie out of the man he is. I also believe that Macbeth realizes his own potential, unfortunately, the witches' prophecy causes him to be impatient.... they give himself a sense of entitlement, rather than a reason to be the hero he is.