comment on the Sleep walking scene.

please i need the answer to be linked with the personality of lady Macbeth...

and thanks

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This scene speaks of her guilt, and the way that guilt eats at her......

"Lady Macbeth enters, carrying a candle, and we soon learn why her gentlewoman is afraid to repeat what she has heard. In her sleep, Lady Macbeth relives the crimes that she has helped Macbeth to commit. First she rubs her hands as though washing them. The gentlewoman explains that she has seen the lady do this for as much as fifteen minutes at a time. Now, after rubbing her hands, Lady Macbeth looks at them and says, "Yet here's a spot" (5.1.31). What she is seeing in her trance-like state is a spot of blood that she cannot wash off her hand. We can see the irony, because just after the murder of Duncan, the lady scorned her husband for staring at his own bloody hands, and she told him that a little water would fix everything.

She continues to "wash" her hands until she is interrupted by the memory of the bell that she herself rang to summon her husband to the murder of King Duncan."