better comparison?

which would be better to do a compare & contrast essay on?

Macbeth and Banquo or Macbeth and Macduff

if you can, explain how to do the one you choose?

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I might consider Macbeth and Banquo. Both were there when the Weird Sisters first met them. Macbeth is initially the Thane of Glamis. This isn't too bad a ranking in medieval Scotland; Macbeth would have been nobility of some sort. I don't think that Banquo is nobility. He is a good soldier, Macbeth's fighting "main man" and friend. When the witches first speak Macbeth’s little brain is running overtime. Although Macbeth attempts to joke about it, he likes what he hears. Banquo has always been weary of the witches. He tells Macbeth that "the instruments of darkness tell us truths....only to betray us in the end". When Macbeth gets the title of thane of Cawdor Banquo thinks, "Can the devil speak true?" Macbeth starts thinking about killing old King Duncan. So, where Banquo is a pretty decent grounded guy, Macbeth is willing to believe the witches and become the psychopathic murderer that we know so well. These two opposing forces clash; the righteous Banquo and the power hungry Macbeth only Banquo is never fully aware of the wickedness that Macbeth hides.