Analyzes the play, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. Provides a character study of Macbeth. Discusses the factors which lead him to his downfall.

macbeths character

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Most obvious flaw in Macbeth's personality is ambition. He is tempted by the idea that he will become king. Another weakness of his is that he lets himself be pushed around by Lady M. He is not really sure that he wants to kill Duncan to get the throne, but his wife is ruthless: she calls her husband a wimp and pushes and pulls him along the road to regicide. Ambition leads to evil - it makes Macbeth stronger and more determined. His wife on the other hand goes insane. Ambition in the end kills MacBeth as well, because he becomes a tyrant and so loses the support of his friends. There's an important quality of gullibility and simplemindedness to MacBeth that isn't helping him much either. The witches show him the future and warn him. Blinded by his ambition, however, he interprets their words to his own interest and draws confidence from what should cause reticence.