Imagery in Act 2 Scene 2.

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Lady Macbeth waits fitfully for Macbeth to return from killing Duncan. Upon hearing a noise within, she worries that the bodyguards have awakened before Macbeth has had a chance to plant the evidence on them. Macbeth enters, still carrying the bloody daggers with which he killed Duncan.The imigery is dark and full of death. Duncan has been killed and his blood drips on the ground from the daggers.

In this act what happens that just before the murder macbeth sees a dagger which is bloody , when he tries to catch the dagger

it disappears and it symbolizes the deed macbeth is going to do .he kills the duncan and lady macbeth put the bloody dagger under the drunken servants pillow . immediately after commiting murder macbeth fells sorrow and sad.he feels he is disloyal person and a murderer .he also fears from the justice .the scene with porter , imagining himself the gatekepper of the hell .

this scene was a daeamatic relief for the audience because when tyhe murder was commited the scene became intense and depressing . porter was a humourous and comic escape for the audience . aftetr this lennox discuss obout the unruly and stormy night .[ this is related to the theme of natural disorder as the rightful king has been death - roaned.they all came to know that the ki ng had been murdered and malcom and donaldbain decided to run away to save their lives . malcom went to england and donalbain went to ireland .this happens in this act.