Love Medicine

Beginning and end images. Explain.


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As one would expect from a show like this, it doesn't take long for the real action to start and monsters showing up out of the blue and attacking folks. As it turns out, the story in a book is real and several of the leads here are actually descended from the world that's describe wherein they're members of royalty. The way to tell royal members of this fantasyland is that they have beautiful white wings on their back. This all becomes more apparent when some of the members of the faculty reveal that they used to be a part of the kingdom proper years ago and have been hiding out here since. All of it would make a great reunion story if not for the fact that one of the boys actually has black wings and is ready to do nothing but cause trouble. Or, at least, as much trouble as you can cause within two episodes that really serve as little more than a prologue to the next storyline.


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