Lord of the Flies

Why there is no discussion about any religion in the whole novel.

Sir William Golding shows the nature of human.. On the earth on every person (I think) there is effect of Religion. Without Religion belief there is no difference between human being and animals... I felt the greatest thing missing in the novel. :(

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Lord of the Flies, in many ways, can be seen as a Biblical allagory. Golding does not outwordly state it but he uses the island as a kind of Eden. The Eden is physically scared with the crash of the plane. This can be seen as a symbol of mans' inherent disease as the boys turn their paradise into Hell. Simon is an obcious Christ figure. He has the atributes of Christ right down to his eventual murder; Simon dies trying to save these boys from themselves. In the end the boys have condemned themselves. By killing their Christ-figure, there is no redemption wheather they get rescued or not.