Lord of the Flies

which new color invades the island?

in chapter 6

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The "color" that enters the story in chapter six reminds us of the war between England and "the reds," who apparently have the power to wage nuclear war. This mystery army was also responsible for the children's plane going down in the first place.

Pink- the pink of the boulders


Chapter 6

I agree with Roskolnikov.......... "the reds" can be seen in different shades. In the pink I've already mentioned, and the wall of red that marked the mountain.

"Ralph stood now, one hand against an enormous red

block, a block large as a mill wheel that had been split off and hung,

tottering. Somberly he watched the mountain. He clenched his fist and

beat hammer-wise on the red wall at his right. His lips were tightly com-

pressed and his eyes yearned beneath the fringe of hair."