Lord of the Flies

Where dose Simon go at the end of the chapter3? Why do you think the boys say he is funny and odd?


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Simon wanders through the jungle alone. He embarks on his solitary pilgrimage into the dense jungle handing the choices fruit to outstretched hands of the littluns. He is quite Christ-like in his qualities. Simon ends up in a small leaf covered hideaway where he meditates on the sounds, sights and smells of the jungle. Simon prefers to be alone. The constant antagonism between the boys hurts him. Certainly Simon is Golding's Christ figure. Unlike the other boys, he does not fear to be alone in the jungle. Simon's fears are much different from the rest of the boys. Alone in the darkness of the jungle is where Simon feels at peace. The other boys think Simon is rather eccentric, "queer" and "funny."