Lord of the Flies

What does spirtiual power mean in the book and who uses it?

I am doing a research paper on the different powers used in the book;brute force,democratic,authoritarian,and spiritual power. I need help deteriming the spiritual power.

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As we know simon is a christ like figure in this novel and he is shown as having inner beauty, spiritual power means the beauty and purity of thought and behaviour, i think am right here actually i havnt study the complete novel yet.

Yes, Simon has spiritual power.

Simon as a christ-like figure in the book goes much futher in the book than what most people think. The title "Lord of the Flies" translated into Hebrew is a possibly name for Satan or a demon. So when Simon talks to the Lord of the flies in the jungle it can be compared to Jesus being tempted by the devil in the desert for fourty days. In addition, After Jesus died, there was thunderstorms and a solar eclipse. When Simon is killed in the book, the sky nlackens and rain "falls like a waterfall". There is NO possible way that those connections are simply coincedences. Golding did that on purpose to make his book a metaphor of modern society.