Lord of the Flies

What does Jack say in response to Ralph's comments? Why do you think Ralph is shocked?

lord of the flies chapter 5

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Jack threatens Piggy again, and Ralph intercedes once more, complaining that they are breaking the rules. When Jack asks, "who cares?" Ralph says that the rules are the only thing that they have. Jack says that he and his hunters will kill the beast. The assembly breaks up as Jack leads them on a hunt. Only Ralph, Piggy, and Simon remain. Ralph says that if he blows the conch to summon them back and they refuse, then they will become like animals and will never be rescued. He asks Piggy whether there are ghosts or beasts on the island, but Piggy reassures him. Piggy warns Ralph that if he steps down as chief Jack will do nothing but hunt, and they will never be rescued. The three imagine the majesty of adult life. They also hear Percival still sobbing his address.



Jack wants to go hunting and does not want to stay around and do any of the chores that Ralph thinks need to be done. He plans to kill the beast; he continues his bullying of Piggy and then leaves the group. Obviously Ralph is not happy with all of this and believes that they need to build shelter, etc., rather than run around hunting.