Lord of the Flies

Was this truly a game for all of them? Why or why not?

Chapter 7.

Lord of the Flies.

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Caught up in the momentum of their chanting and dancing, they jab at Robert with their spears, at first in jest, and then with more dangerous intent. Frightened and hurt, Robert drags himself away from the crowd, now aware that they are carried away with their game. Roger and Jack talk about the chanting, and Jack says that someone should dress up as a pig and pretend to knock him over. When Robert says that Jack should get a real pig that he can actually kill, Jack replies that they could just use a littlun. The boys, enamored by Jack's bold statement, laugh and cheer him on. Ralph tries to remind the boys that they were only playing a game. I think Golding meant this statement to be ironic. The reader knows that this "game" is becoming something quite different. There is a sociopathic violent abandon that seems to be creeping into their "games."