Lord of the Flies

various questions

Unfortunately my English is not very good but I'm ambition to improve my English.

I have some questions about the book:

- Can someone explain me what exactly the lord of the flies means? I know it depicts that everyone of us has a beast in his soul.....Can you give me a detail answer?

- I have difficulties to understand the scene, when Simon speak to the Lord of the flies and why he falls in faint

- Can someone told me, what are the main differences between between Simon and Jack? I think both represents the democraty system

- How do you would describe Golding style devices? The main part in the book is in a dialogue between the guys in a youth accent?

- In which moment do you thing the story reach the climax? When the hunters kill Simon?

- In which way do you would describe the mood/atmosphere?

- Is the story end happy or unhappy? In one way Ralph is save but in they will go back to the civilisation but in the other way several guys died...and the story revealed us the inner beast

- And what is the Golding main message? That we can't control our inner beast and this is reason for the wars?

- In a scene Jack and Ralph takes part in Jack's tribe feast. Why they do that? Is this a indicate of their weak character?

I would be so happy if you could help you

Tank's a lot

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The Lord of the Flies is a reference to the devil.