Lord of the Flies


what does these simbolize




the island

and the fire

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Simon is truth.

Simon: Jesus Christ, because he talks to the pigs head whichs threatens him by saying," have fun or die" Which Jesus is told by Satan, " Join me or die." and Simon tries to do good and help everyone, Hens with helping with the last shelter and helping the "littluns" with fruit in the beginning of the book

Roger: Anger, pain, and hatrid Some what of a Demon b.c he did kill Piggy because he can. and repersents how world can become savage and violent.

Jack: Savagry, and Judas he helps kill Simon, and then realizes his wrong doing at the end and weeps. with the rest of the boys.

The Island: the wildreness in which society does not exist, and is not present but is only a distant memory, to the boys.

The Fire: Safety and Hope, because the Fire protects them from the "Beastie" and hope of being resuced and the hope of living.