Lord of the Flies

Roles of the Little'ns and Piggy during...

I need help with one question I've been given.

I've been asked to write about the roles of the little'ns and Piggy during an assembly in chapter six. I'm assuming it's the part at page 125 - 126 (in my book) where the boys are debating wether to venture up the mountain or not. Piggy stays behind to look after the little'ns whilst the other boys go up the mountain, but what roles are the Little'ns and Piggy playing? Is Piggy playing the role of a mother looking after children?

I just wanted to double check before getting it wrong, thank you for any help!


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The littluns are you and me in the great scheme of life: powerless in the battle.

Piggy is asked to stay and look after the littluns because he too is powerless, since he is not a fighter and is also half blind with his glasses broken. He really isn't much of a guardian for the kids in the event of an attack by a beast. But, he is asked to stay in a place of relative safety while the "real men" go in search of the "enemy."