Lord of the Flies

Please it is IMPORTANT

  1. Who are the main characters in this chapter? Write one or two sentences to describe each one.
  2. Write a two or three sentence summary of the chapter in your own words.
  3. Write any words that you aren’t sure about the meaning and try to figure out the meaning from the context.
  4. Predict what will happen next. (look at your past predictions and state if they are right or wrong or partially right and write why.)

If you know one of the (or all of them) please write the answers. Help me. Thank you guys. <33 :)

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I'm sorry, what chapter are you referring to?

Also, please post your questions separately.

The questions for Chapter 1 and 2.

The protagonist of the story, Ralph is one of the oldest boys on the island. He quickly becomes the group's leader. Golding describes Ralph as tall for his age and handsome, and he presides over the other boys with a natural sense of authority.

Although pudgy, awkward, and averse to physical labor because he suffers from asthma, Piggy--who dislikes his nickname--is the intellectual on the island. Though he is an outsider among the other boys, Piggy is eventually accepted by them, albeit grudgingly, when they discover that his glasses can be used to ignite fires.

Jack Merridew, the leader of a boys' choir, exemplifies militarism as it borders on authoritarianism. He is cruel and sadistic, preoccupied with hunting and killing pigs. Jack represents anarchy.

Sam and Eric are twins and the only boys who remain with Ralph and Piggy to tend to the fire after the others abandon Ralph for Jack's tribe. The others boys consider the twins as a single individual, "Samneric".

Simon is the most introspective character in the novel. He has a deep affinity with nature and often walks alone in the jungle. Simon represents the spiritual side of human nature. Like Piggy, he is an outcast, and the other boys think of him as odd.

Maurice is one of Jack's hunters. Later in the novel, he pretends to be a pig while the others pretend to slaughter him. Maurice represents the mindless masses..... he is a follower.


Lord of the Flies