Lord of the Flies


how was piggy different from ralph and jack? with examples

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Each of the main characters in the novel represents some aspect of greater society. Piggy is unique in his understanding of logic. He is knowledgeable in a way that all the other boys are not. He sees the conch and immediately knows what it is and what (call the boys) they can use it for, "a conch, ever so expensive. I bet if you wanted to buy one. You'd have to pay pounds and pounds and pounds.....We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting." Piggy wants to build a sun dial and other things to keep the island civilized. For all of Piggy's brains he is no leader. He lacks Ralph's charisma and pleasing physical appearance. Piggy also does not pick up on human nature as quickly as Ralph. Jack is dominating in a way that makes Piggy vulnerable. Jack may understand Piggy's qualities but he loathes his weakness. Jack can manipulate the boys in a way that piggy cannot grasp. Jack thrives on violence and fear. Boys like Piggy cannot exist long under these conditions.

in what ways and sorce does he seem to be logical?



Piggy knows they need to be organized. Piggy realises that nobody knows where they are. Piggy is also able to think of the things mentioned in my first listing.