Lord of the Flies

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5.Suppose the plot of Lord of the Flies involved a planeload of marooned girls, or a mixed group of girls and boys, instead of all boys. Do you think the same violent and cruel tendencies would have emerged on the island? Explain your answer in detail. If you think the outcome would have been different, explain how and why.

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I do not think that the novel resonates particularly because it was males. I do believe the same tendencies would have erupted, although one could argue they would have happened in different ways. What distinguishes Ralph and Jack is the human conflict between the will to order and the love of chaos. This is not something solely relevant to boys: look at Medea for a literary example. The ostracizing of some and the creation of an "us and them" situation is also not something that would happen to boys. Golding may well have intended his novel to be about British male education, but its themes resonate because they are about human nature, not gender roles.