Lord of the Flies

my final grade...i need help

i need help analyzing piggy.

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Piggy is fat, wears glasses, has asthma, and is intelligent--i.e., "different" from the other boys and hence the target of derision. He is not "macho," a big deal to boys his age. It's not "cool" to them to be smart--only to be tough. By putting him outside the group, they put themselves "in." Despite his intelligent remarks and suggestions, he is ignored. This the the Beast in action: it abhors intelligence and common sense. So Piggy is the first one hated by the Beast within the boys. Notice he is the one who insists that there is no beast. When Simon says, "Maybe it's only us," Piggy's remark is, "Nuts!"

Piggy's glasses are metaphoric true vision. As long as the glasses are intact, the boys can see clearly. When they are broken by Jack, order and sense have begun to break down (the fire was ignored and the chance for rescue has passed). When they are stolen, all order has broken down--Jack has all the power.

I hope this helps you get started.