Lord of the Flies

Multiple Choice

1. The shattering of the conch symbolizes the end of all the following except

a.Ethical behavior b. Piggy's life c.all conflict d. Ralph's tribe

2.One of the ironies of the novel is that Ralph says they aren't

a. Intellectuals b. Savages c. Afraid d. Going to be rescued

3. Golding's central theme in the novel is that

a. boys will be boys b. children are kind c. tropical islands are paradise d. human beings have a dark side

4.The circumstances that lead up to the boys being rescued are ironic in that

a.The fire is started by Ralph b. The ship captain came to the island to hunt c. The ship captain hears the boys screaming d. Jack starts the fire

5.It is apparent that Samneric and still emotionally on the side of Ralph in that they a. warn Ralph to leave before he is discovered by Jack b. attempt desperately to put out the fire that has Ralph in such danger c.attempt to return Piggy's glasses to Ralph by stealing them from Maurice d. try to kill Jack and return the conch to Ralph.

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ok it would be wonderful if you can answer the left questions in this section thanks a lot!