Lord of the Flies


1.What do the deaths of Piggy and Simon have in common?

a. very hands-on and done in close proximity

b. attacks on the other or the outsider

c.very slow and agonizing deaths

d. group murders in that multiple boys are responsible for the actual death

2. "Piggy's arms and legs twitched a bit, like a pug's after it has been killed: The literary term most evident in this page is

a. metaphor b. personification c. hyperbole d. simile

"You'd better run off and play with the others. They think you're batty. You don't want Ralph to think you're batty do you? You like Ralph a lot, don't you?"

3. The speaker of these lines is

a. the naval officer b. Jack c. the Lord of the Flies d.Piggy

4.In the previous question, which character is being spoken to?

a. jack b. Simon c. piggy d.Sam n Eric

5.Achilles is to his tendon (character to weakness) as Piggy is to

a. the conch b. Ralph c. big rocks d. his glasses

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1) B. attacks on the other or the outsider

2) D. Simile

3) C. the Lord of the Flies

4) B. Simon

5) D. Glasses