Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Questions. Please Help. Chapter 9-11

1. What or who is the Lord of the Flies? Describe him and be clear about where "he" came from and what "he" seems to be doing?

2. Ralph and Piggy react in different ways to the realization that they played parts in Simon's murder. contrast their reactions, then explain what these reactions explain about their character.

3. Does Roger mean to take control of Jack's tribe? Cite evidence to confirm or refute this idea?

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The Lord of the Flies or the beast is actually a dead parachutist, who landed in the trees. The figure seems to be bowing, as a result of the way the lines of the parachute tangled in the trees.

Here the breeze was fitful and allowed the strings of the parachute to tangle and festoon; and the figure sat, its helmeted head
between its knees, held by a complication of lines. When the breeze blew, the lines would strain taut and some accident of this pull lifted the head and chest upright so that the figure seemed to peer across the brow of the mountain. Then, each time the wind dropped, the lines would slacken and the figure bow forward again, sinking its head between its knees. So as the stars moved across the sky, the figure sat on the mountain-top and bowed and sank and bowed again.


Lord of the Flies