Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies - Chapter Questions

• (Chapter. 4) "Kill the pig, Cut her throat, Bash her in." how does this chant affect the characters, the story, and you, as the reader?

• (Beginning of Chapter. 5) Why does Ralph call a meeting at this point? List five of the topics that were discussed at the assembly.

• (Chapter 5) When Simon asks "What is the dirtiest thing there is?" the boys think he is referring to something physical. What do you think he is referring to? To what is he really referring? What does this episode reveal about human nature?

• (Chapter 5) How do Jack and many of his hunters now feel about the rules? What does this reveal about human nature?

• (Chapter 6) What are two signs for the adult world?

• (Chapter 6) Other than to signal passing ships, why is the fire on the mountain very important to Sam and Eric?

• (Chapter 6) Jack's character continues to make dramatic changes. What does he think about the conch now, and what change does this show? Find a quote to support how he feels.

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1. The chant becomes a part of a ritual that unleashes the boys' brutality. It seems to liberate them from their old life of rules and rational thought. The chant fosters a group mentality that enables Jack to harness and manipulate. The boys feel safer as a snarling mob repeating these lines.

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