Lord of the Flies

Lord of the flies chapter 4

2.Why doesn't the passing ship see the boys ?

3.how does jack behave when he brings back the dead pig?

4.what happens to piggy's glasses? What does it represent? 

5.how does the chant if "kill the pig, cut her throat" signify the end of rational rule and the demise of civilization on the island 

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2.  They have let the signal fire go out.

3.  He becomes more savage and uncivilized.

4.  Piggy's glasses are used for the fire, but ultimately they are broken and show that there is less and less civilization.

5.  There is no real use of the pig for food which is what should happen.  Instead, they are sacrificing, killing for fun or for ritual.  They are no longer using their minds to survive.  They are simply acting instinctually.