Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Chapter 2.

What does Jack’s behavior in this chapter suggest about him ( e.g. his attitude toward killing pigs and hunting the beast, his excitement about the rules and the consequence of violating them, his treatment of Piggy etc.)? In what way(s) might the behavior of the boys during the meeting foreshadow later events?

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Jack is aggressive and intimidating. He isn't so obsessed with hunting as he is with killing something. He is in constant need of external validation from the other boys. He becomes violent if he perceives weakness in himself or others. The rules excite him because he wants to be able to violently enforce them. Jack does not think the rules apply to him. Piggy becomes Jack's main focus of torment. He leverages tormenting Piggy with gaining favor and power. Jacks violent chaotic behavior foreshadows the boys' progression towards savagery.