Lord of the Flies

Lord of the flies

I need to write a first person narrative journal, from my character’s perspective (Peggy), on how life on the island is evolving. It has to have the following:

-Include an entry from my life before the evacuation

-Includes an entry about the crash

-Includes discussion of significant events that take place on the island

-Adds depth to your character (how your character is feeling about events that have taken place)

-Includes an entry one month after you have been rescued

-Is written in past tense

-Infuses` as much ‘British language’ as possible in your entries

To hand in on Tues. April 6 - HELP

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Here is my small example

Dear Diary

Okay I'm fat, enough already and yes, I miss my auntie's sweet shop. Endless bon bons seemed to be the only consolation for not knowing exaxctly why you have to live with your aunty. Now there is no candy, just squishy fruit stuff that makes me number 2 all the time. That plane went down rather quickly. I'm sure glad I'm stuck on an island with a bunch of immature boys, a Christ figure and a red headed psychopath. I'm being a little sarcastic here but I'm allowed because I'm Piggy. Being the smart one isn't easy. In exchange for my rational science based suggestions, the boys get to call me fatty and drop other insults upon my head. I sure hope they don't drop anything else on me.....