Lord of the Flies

In chapter 8, in Lord of the Flies, knowing what you do about the novel, make predictions about the chapter and the significance of the title. Be specific, and support ideas.

Prediction based on title.

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"Gift for the Darkness" certainly alludes to the fact that the boys, in some way, have manifested their own fear onto something else. The gift would be something to appease this fear.

Just to add, I know it's a pig's head on a stick. If you study the past chapters, the boys are de-evolving (is that a word?). Their fear and primal needs have to be projected onto something. As in primitive cultures, he boys create an idol to take on all their dark emotions. The gifts appease their fear, guilt and negative emotions.

This is confusing. I don't understand all these big words..

This is the section where the boys (Jack's boys) truly descend into savagery. The "beast" becomes a symbol of the darkness inside of them; the gift is their sacrifice of the sow's head.


Lord of the Flies