Lord of the Flies

In chapter 7 in Lord of the Flies, How did the boys treat Robert after the boar escaped? Does it forshadow anything?


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In Chapter 7, "the boys find signs of pigs as they head through the jungle. Ralph agrees that as long as they’re going in the right direction, they can hunt. Soon, they come upon a wild boar. The boar gets away, but not before Ralph hits it in the side with a spear. Flushed with pride, Ralph reenacts the hunt with a bigun named Robert. Soon all the boys are involved, chanting “Kill the pig. Cut its throat.” For a brief, moment, it seems like they might actually kill Robert."

"Ralph’s excitement at killing the shows that even he has a savage side to him, though it’s more repressed. The ritual dance gains in power, almost killing Robert and foreshadowing future trouble."