Lord of the Flies

In Chapter 5, Fully explain what the littl’uns are preoccupied with in this chapter. Describe how at least two of the older boys respond to their concerns, and explain what the thing is in reality.

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The Littlun's are preoccupied with the "beastie" and the dangers of the forest, especially at night. Ralph tries to assure Percival that there is no such thing as a monster and Piggy claims he does not believe in ghosts. It is of course Simon who has the right answer but it is beyond the boy's comprehension. As the boys argue and fret about an external beast, it is only Simon that has the insight to claim that the only "beast" on the island lies in their own hearts. It is only humanity that holds evil rather than any outside force imposing it.

"Maybe there is a beast....maybe it's only us".