Lord of the Flies

Im doing a trial in humanitys putting Ralph and Jack up for what happend to Simon and Piggy. I need som ideas for questions for both Simon and Piggy that will make Ralph look innocent and Jack gilty. Any ideas?

Im Ralphs head atterny and need to prove him innocent.

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I guess we are pretending Simon and Piggy are somehow alive at this trial? Both these boys were sympathetic to Ralph so it should not be very hard. Simon, being a Christ-figure, liked everyone, even Jack. Still Simon spent what time he did around people with Ralph. I would ask Simon about what Ralph's strong points as a person were. Simon would give you all kinds of positive feedback on Ralph. He would say Ralph was everything a positive responsible person should be.Simon would point out that Ralph at least acknowledged the Littluns. Piggy would argue that Ralph was just doing what adults would have done. Piggy would accuse Jack of ruining everything with his hunting and violence.