Lord of the Flies

I need to write about a paragraph or 2 on the lord of the flies. Doing a journal of my character (Ralph) in chapters 5 and 6!!! Just a journal on how his perspective is on what's going on!!:)

I put details in question!!

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Did you mean in first or third person? I'll do it in third but you can easily change it to first.

Ralph is maturing quickly. At the same time he is discovering how he must play a part and watch his back if he is to keep power, "life is an improvisation and about how a considerable part of one’s waking life is spent watching one’s feet." Ralph realizes they have done little of what was once decided. This has compromised his role as chief. Ralph decides he needs to lay down the law. The boys are not obeying specific essential rules.They refuse to work at building shelters, they do not gather drinking water, they neglect the signal fire, and they do not even use the designated toilet area. He restates the importance of the signal fire and attempts to allay the group’s growing fear of beasts and monsters.Ralph also wants to allay any fears of the beast. THe meeting of course falls apart. Ralph is at a loss. The boys drift toward Jack and chaos .Everything goes to Hell! They end up looking for the beast but Ralph feels increasingly impotent. THe boys argue with him and basically gravitate towards Jack.