Lord of the Flies

I need help with an essay quickly!!!

I need to explain the story of the Lord of the Flies through the Id, The ego, and the Superego. The id being the part of people that drives people to do whatever they want, the superego id what makes people do the absolute right thing, and the ego is like the middle of the two. It uses reason to satisfy the needs of both sides.

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I need this by tuesday, may 26th

Jack = Id. I do what I want. He is driven by his own desires and doesn't think of others. He hunts and punishes others because he derives pleasure from doing these things.

Simon = Superego. He wants to do the right thing. He has no fear. He helps the littluns get food. He takes risks to identify the beast and to take his knowledge to the others. Sadly, the rest of the boys aren't interested in right; they murder him.

Ralph = ego. He seeks middle ground. He wants to get them rescued. He still likes hunting, though. He is sensible and gentle.

Who wins? Jack. ID. Pleasure is stonger than good or compromise.

I hope this helps get you started.